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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do after hail hits my house?  


A homeowner should call Mixteriors immediately following the storm to assess damage and our roofing professionals will determine if the damage requires the homeowner to file a claim with their insurance companies.


How can a homeowner recognize when a roof system has problems? 


A homeowner should call a roofing contractor when you visibly see loose shingles on the roof, shingles on the ground or a wet spot on your ceiling inside of your house. 


What are my options if I decide to reroof?


A homeowner has many options when reroofing. These might include a building code upgrade,  a new color shingle, or style i.e. metal, composite or presidential. 


My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely? 


If a homeowner has a leak, they should call Mixteriors immediately to access the damage. A full roof replacement is not always required.


Can I do the work myself and save money? 


This is not recommended as most cities require a permit and licensed contractor to do the proper work. Having a professional complete the work would give you peace of mind and a fully warrantied roof.


How long can I expect my roof system to last? 


Depending on the quality of the shingle, the shingle can last anywhere from 30 plus years.  


How do I know what type of roofing shingle is best for my roof and my budget? 


Our roofing professionals will give each homeowner a better/best option for the roof.


What will a new roof system cost? 


The cost of the roof is determined by shingle quality and square footage.


And what if my new roof leaks? Then what? 


Mixteriors offers a warranty for all our workmanship. 


Can a roof be done in one day? 


Mixteriors crews work very hard to get the roof installed quickly. Depending on the detail of the roof,  size and steepness of the roof will determine how long it takes to complete.



Does siding replacement affect the interior of my home? 


Exterior siding replacement will save energy on the interior of your home.


How much siding can you install in a day? 


Depends on the size of the house.


What kind of siding is best? 


At Mixteriors we offer multiple choices in siding. We recommend James Hardie because of their quality and reputation.


What is the strongest house siding? 


James Hardie due to their fiber cement products.


Do you have/need permits? 


We have all the appropriate licensing and permits for every job.


Is it better to repair or replace siding? 


We don’t repair siding, but can replace any sections of your home that have damaged siding with new siding. 


How often does siding need to be replaced? 


This will depend on the quality and workmanship that is on the house currently.


How do you know when siding is bad? 


A homeowner can tell if siding is bad when the siding starts to bubble, crack, peel, fall apart etc.


How much does it cost for a contractor to install new Siding? 


Depends on siding material and square footage of the house. Call Mixteriors for a free estimate